Community - Various Community - Various From Canon at Manchester Cathedral to Canon at Bangor Cathedral Our Brother Christian was Collated and Installed as a Residentiary Canon at Bangor Cathedral on Sunday 16 July 2017. Br Peter and our Prior were there 204266782 The Cistercians are back in Wales Our Prior, Br Christian, and Br Peter in Bangor Cathedral. Before the dissolution of the monasteries there were ten Cistercian Abbeys in Wales. One lone Cistercian, our Br Christian, has now returned to the 'Land of our (Cistercians) Fathers'... 204266814 Collation & Installation of Br Christian From left to right: Br Peter, Br Bernard (Prior), the Bishop of Bangor, Br Christian, the Bishop of Middleton (Manchester Diocese), the Dean of Bangor, and Canon Dr David Holgate (Manchester Cathedral) 204266974 Br Christian at Manchester Cathedral Our Brother Philip+ OC was collated and installed as Canon Precentor at Manchester Cathedral on Advent Sunday (2nd December 2012). Our Community's prayers and best wishes in this new appointment accompany him. Since this photograph was taken, Brother has also been appointed Sub-Dean at the Cathedral. For more information, visit 171434369