An uncloistered dispersed Religious Order in the Church of England
of ordained and lay men


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Started: July 19, 2015
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Being a dispersed community involves a lot of travelling for all of us. Chapter meetings at the Convent of Saint Mary the Virgin in Wantage (Oxfordshire) means that various members having to travel from as far away as Manchester, Liverpool, Hastings, King's Lynn, and so forth. A number of our Brothers are trying to survive on a state pension, but the travelling costs are high. Also, each Chapter costs the individual up to £135 accommodation costs, and this cost occurs three times annually.

In addition, the Prior and members of the Deans' Council travel to meet with candidates for their Formation. Sometimes, there are also meetings at Church House, Westminster, London, or at Lambeth Palace. Then there are general administrative costs, such as printing, correspondence, postage, &tc.

Each member contributes £50 per annum into our General Fund, but all extra money would really be of great assistance to defray the many extra costs we incur.

Please support us, if you can, by donating whatever you can afford to help us exist finacially. Your gift will be used with much consideration and economy on our part.

Many thanks.